SSV Buer - A culture of togetherness

Andrea Weichert, member of the association board of the SSV Buer, and coach Thomas Funke

Whether on or off the sports field: the „Spiel- und Sportvereinigung Buer 07/28 e.V.“ lives a culture of togetherness. „Here, sport, culture and art are not mutually exclusive, but are closely linked,“ says Andrea Weichert, member of the committee. Numerous awards show that SSV Buer has embarked on a path that can also serve as a model for other clubs.

SSV Buer unites many elements that are primarily about fairness, team spirit, solidarity and tolerance. „Our club should not only be a sporting home, but also a social one,“ emphasizes the club’s head, Marcel Denneborg. The activities are open to everyone, regardless of economic status, age, gender, religion or origin.

Inclusion teams have been an essential part of the club’s life for five years – supported both financially and in an advisory manner by the city of Gelsenkirchen, the state sports association and the Westphalia Football and Athletics Association (FLVW). Funding from „Aktion Mensch e.V.“ is also possible. Soon there will also be facilities for tennis for blind people at Löchterheide.

The Rothosen are closely connected to their district of Buer and the city of Gelsenkirchen and are linked to numerous cooperation partners. For example, the AWO Gelsenkirchen/Bottrop and its Integration, Immigration and Refugee Services support the traditional Whitsun tournaments with the „Kick of Cultures“.

In order to bring clubs, officials and refugees together, the „Café Miteinander“ was launched with the AWO. In addition to a video film against racism and violence, there are also artistic activities on these topics, for example. In the area of resocialization, offenders serve their sentences in the form of community service on the pitch, in the facility and in the clubhouse in a wide variety of areas. For more information, visit:

Richard Brachwitz (18) has been playing in the inclusion team since it was founded five years ago. „I like the games against other teams and want to show that I can do something. Before I was in defence, now I am in attack.“ Richard lives with an intellectual disability and autism and is not really a footballer at all: „But the team is so great that he is making progress and is rightly proud of it.“ He has also developed (family) friendships outside of soccer.

Gerome Rybarski (21) has been in the team since 2019. „I particularly enjoy the different exercises. We have no pressure to perform here – everyone gets a turn.“ Pierre Weber (18) is happy about the team spirit. „ We have all known each other for a long time and can communicate really well.“ He has ADHD and has been supporting the team since 2018: „It was difficult for me in a normal soccer team. There are others with disabilities here too, and we support each other.“ His conclusion: „Everyone who does not have a chance in other clubs is welcome here. We support them!“

Moritz Komorowski (19) particularly likes the games during training. He was teased in his previous team because of his speech impediment: „I feel much more comfortable here. We have good intelligence and clean passing. Everyone is welcome here – just give us a try!“ For information on the inclusion teams and training times, please contact coach Thomas Funke on 0163 7389668 or


– 1st place DFBSepp-Herberger-Stiftungin the category „Resocialization“ in 2021

– Special prize from the Westphalia Sports Foundation in 2021

For exemplary work during the pandemic

– 2nd place at the FLVW Future Prize 2019

More information and club film here: or on

YouTube: FLVW Future Prize 2019: SSV Buer 07/28 (2nd place)

– Recognized child-friendly sports club

In cooperation with the „recognized movement kindergarten“ Kita Niefeldstraße

– Award „Youth Promotion Prize 2018“

of Volksbank Ruhr Mitte: „Club of the Year“ and „Team of the Year“ (U17 juniors)

„Our club should not only be a sporting home, but also a social one.“